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Desclaimer: Results will vary in all permanent cosmetic applications. Old, preexisting work may need extra applications to hide any discolorations or symmetry issues. Old work is a challenge to hide and presents issues. If you have the need for corrections when coming in, please be advised of this.

Coupons accepted based on face value, please note these do not include touch ups. If you would like a touch up included you will have to pay our regular fees.

  • The touch up is only available if it is our work that is being retouched. Work that has been done by another technician or company is not considered a touch up. A touch up is only done 4 to 6 weeks after the initial procedure. A touch up done before the 4 to 6 week time frame, could result in scarring.

  • Cancellations before 24 hours, will result in a $50.00 charge.

  • At the end of your procedure we ask that you approve and verify that results are to your satisfaction. Upon this completion, the appointment is considered over. Requesting more work after leaving the appointment is considered another appointment and follows under our touch up policy with a fee of $99.00 to $300.00, depending on the service that was performed. We give ample time and opportunity for you, as the client to help shape, sculpt and have creative control during your session. If you leave satisfied we have done our job! Leaving after the session is over and then discovering you wanted more (ie., length or thickness of the brow), regardless, will be considered a touch up and will result in touch up fees. Please consider this and understand. Speak up during your appointment and help us, help you to avoid any misunderstandings. We keep our ad/online specials low, appointment times/settings require fees to maintain these specials to you the consumer. Keep in mind, these fees are still substantially lower than our original fees.

Client's will have the opportunity before any service to ask and consult us regarding our policies, we encourage this.​ 

  • Client does have the opportunity to go over and sign off on our policies, as that is part of our contract before any service. Signing off on these marks that you have agreed to the terms of service and are agreeing to abide by them. It is unfair to you and us to sign our forms then later dispute the work done if there is color loss. We would like you to know that it can happen and not a sign of poorly executed work. Color loss can also leave unevenness in tattooing and make for symmetry issues.

  • We always have a touch fee, we will not wave them, please do not ask, as some of the pricing is steeply discounted via web specials and discount companies. They are respectfully $125.00 (per site)to $300.00 depending on the service and type of tattooing that was performed. Please ask about this before making an appointment. If you choose to not pay, it is by your election, but a service will not be rendered, because our set ups are very costly.

  • At the Glamour co, we work very hard to achieve customer satisfaction. Communication is the key, we are pro client and have a strong desire to meet your beauty needs in the Permanent Cosmetic arena. Permanent makeup may or may not be a one shot deal, as the body decides how and if it will keep or reject certain amounts of pigment/ink. Loss of pigment/color loss, does not mean we did not perform our tattooing /service/procedure correctly. Loss of pigment is natural in the application of all tattooing services, this also includes body art and paramedical tattooing. We imply a NO refund policy of our tattooing services. We do not guarantee work against color loss or changes! This is not possible due to the nature of the body healing and rejecting a certain amount of ink. It is impossible to predict outcomes.

  • Outcomes cannot be determined the first or third week of healing. If your tattoo is to dark, please note it must peel, fade and heal. Getting nervous and calling us immediately to get reassurance is ok, but please wait the appropriate time of healing to make proper decisions for further treatments, color needs to settle and cure in the skin.

  • Touch ups are recommended to achieve desired results, the consumer is responsible to pay these fees as they will not be waved, regardless of how much or how little the loss is of pigment.

  • Touch ups are solely the clients responsibility and failure to elect to continue with service recommended for desired outcome, is to be viewed as such, and the Glamour co is not liable for client decision, nor does it reflect the quality of our work. Please read understanding permanent makeup applications.

  • Please read all our policies before making a appointment. Please do not ask us to sway our polices or wave our fee's and put you or us in an awkward position. We thank you very much and look forward to servicing you.

  • We strictly have a no refund policy on any service we provide. Buyers regret or lack of due diligence, is all strictly enforced by our short form contract at the time of services rendered. Please note, as you sign your informed consent you agree to our company policies at the Glamour Co. LLC. 

We Look forward to servicing you!

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