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Susan Church, for those who do not know our industry, is considered to be the world's expert in the field of permanent cosmetics and medical tattooing applications. Susan has pioneered and standardized permanent makeup applications as we have known it for over 30 years and is ranked as one of the respected "Grandmothers in the industry". Her personal endorsement is like the platinum statue of achievements. This is what She has to say about Miss Abshear.

Pamela Abshear.....

"... Is a maven in the permanent makeup industry."

~ Susan Church

"Whenever I need an article, information, or professional opinion I can always count on Pam to step up and help me without hesitation. She has provided me with medical/technical artwork for my students and clinic treatment walls. She has the ability to put students as well as clients at ease with her extensive knowledge and expertise. She is an UBER talented permanent makeup artist and instructor who loves her work, AND....along with myself, the co-founder of a trade organization, the LPCP ORG. Need I say more?!" ~Susan Church

The LPCP is a professional and international trade organization which is designed for the Dermal Arts tm industry.

Susan Church CCPC, LPCP, Director of Clinical Research and Development

Pamela has pioneered and taught at several of the licensed schools in permanent cosmetics in Arizona for over a decade.

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