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Permanent Cosmetic


Yes we can! We can gently over several sessions lighten your saturated ink areas, by up to 30 to 50% first session. We use a combination technique of Chemical removal and High Frequency (HF), taking a conservative approach to slowly remove unwanted pigment, there reason being is to keep the integrity of the skin intact, as this removal is done by a licensed Aesthetician of several decades who truly cares about the skin and it healing properly.

Time frames of healing is around six weeks between sessions, this is a general statement as age and ink saturation and over all goal varies from every individual. Results will very. 

Each session is $199 per treatment area (brows, both) for example, not per full face. Call and see if you are a great canidate for this procedure.

Our expert Pamela Abshear has been doing this for several decades and truly understands skin.

If you need new brows, we can also apply new ones for you in a customized approach to shape and color, a very conservative touch that is a fantastic collaboration of client request and artists expertise....

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