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 Can you say just FAB! just a nice dusting of color on the lips that is well blended with your lip borders defined, Lip Blushing tm. is the perfect technique for your lovely pout! Say goodbye to smeared lips!

This exclusive procedure and protocols of blushing for the mouth, is performed and perfected by the GLAMOURCO outstanding protocols. 

It is a great alternative to a heavy full lip color service traditionally found in permanent makeup services. 

This truly can be a....

MASCARA, GLOSS and GO (TM) kind of a day.

The GLAMOUR CO. Lip Blushing tm. is described as being light and well defined on the mouth with a subtle color that is blended. It does not have a strong lip liner.

Going with a neutral color is suggested for the ease of use of different colored glosses, that can change your look at a whim. From Spice, Corals or Pinks...just about any color will do if you are in the mood for it!​

With any lip service, it is important to note the factoring in of Cold Sores. Services on the mouth can indeed bring a unplanned outbreak, a strict protocol should be advised as the following.

Please consult your physician regarding this service and your concerns of a herpectic/cold sore outbreak. At this time your Dr should give your a script for a medication. This medication should be utilized for at least 10 days before procedure and about 10 plus after. 

If your more on the homeopathic road, your Dr. might recommend a product that is L.lysine at 1000 mg for several weeks pre and post procedure. This type of product is typically found at your local drug store, or box chain in the herb/vitamin section. Lysine is most excellent in cellular repair of tissue, a must have even after injuries of surgeries of any kind. 

Typically with permanent makeup lip services, it takes awhile for the color to develop as the tissue is healing and repairing its self. The average time for color maturation is peaked at 4 to 6 weeks after initial application. Healing of lip tissues is less than a week. During this time your lips will feel a bit chappy. All procedures go thru the process of peel, heal and fade. 

Results may vary and touch ups may be required to achieve color volume, or not needed at all. Additional touch up fee's may apply. Two tone colors are additional in cost and not included in this posted service cost. Lip augmenting of natural line (tattooing above natural lip) is not included in this service and requires separate fee's. Augmenting the natural line require alot of work to pack extra color to ensure a well blended area. 

Perfect for reshaping and defining the upper lip....

All pictures are exclusively our work at the Glamour Co. Any harvesting of them without written permission is strictly forbidden and subject to copyright laws, and all rights are reserved.

Thank you

Perfect for enhancing a small pout

$ 799.00*



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