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Flirty Sexy Sassy!

Eyelash extensions by licensed Pro Artists

Classic is our most natural design. Typically this look is a enhancement that follows the most natural flow/growth pattern that includes 25 to 35 lashes per eye. Surcharge $20+ plus for added extra lashes.

Please see example to the upper left first row

Starting point is $129.00

Glamorous is for more of a dramatic pop that begs to be noticed. Lashes are typically longer and can be voluminous depending on desired look. This pattern starts at 45 to 55 plus. Surcharge of $20+ plus for added extra lashes. Please see example to the left 3rd row.

Starting point is $149.00

oll Face is a very stylized look of longer lashes in the middle and smaller on ends typically 25 to 35 lashes. Please see example 5th row to the left. Starting point is $129.00 and surcharge of $20+ for added extra lashes.

Cat eye is a style that has longer lashes on the ends of the eye, while the other lashes smoothly transition towards corners of the eye. This look contains 25 to 35 lashes for $129.00 more lashes to increase volume start at $20+ plus. Please see example above second to last pic.



Classic Below



with volume


with volume


Results will very depending

on request and style and

what client naturally has.

Eyelash extension removal is 

$45-65 and based on 

our discretion.

Our newest style....


These are fantastic quick volume typically 200 lashes per eye + in mink seamless fused fans that applied to each individual lash. 

Can you say lush....!!!!!!!

Prices starting at $250.00

Fills are $75.00

The $20 plus extra typically includes 15 to 20 more lashes per eye. If more are needed or requested, please note the prices increases to $40 plus.

Our Fills if they are scheduled within two weeks are $55.00, Fills scheduled out to 3 weeks are $75.00, 4 weeks are considered a new set and pricing is reflective in the above descriptions. Please follow all aftercare instructions to maintain the look and longevity of your new lashes, failure to do so will cause your lashes to be less than flattering. Waiting to long between fills can also contribute to a less than pleasing look.

Always book your appointment in advance to make sure you can get in a reasonable amount of time as we book up fast.

All eyelash extensions are performed and artistically applied by Licensed individuals. 

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