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High Frequency Micro Needling (tm)

Safe, Effective with Great results

wtih or without Rf,

 and Microneedling by itself.

several options to explore!

What Are the benefits of High Frequency Micro Needling Treatment (tm)?

High frequency Micro-Needling offers a safe and effective alternative to dramatic plastic surgery procedures, while having soft natural looking lifting and resurfacing of texture of the skin (refining). 

The service is great for not just the face, but all areas of the body that need revitalization.  Smoother, tighter, younger skin is just a treatment a way.  One service can yield great results, a package done, service every 3 to 4 weeks gives amazing results as we keep the skin in a constant.  Little to no down time, skin will be looking its best in about 4 to 6 weeks, yet will still be remodeling up to 6 months.  Results last years, but we still have to maintain as we are of course still aging daily, weekly and monthly.....

High Frequency penetrates the skin during the service, heating up the layers, activating the collagen and elastin, inducing repair and regeneration of the treated area, while the micro-needling allows for an inflammatory response to also help in the resurfacing of texture, coupled with a serum treatment, its a trifecta of multiple therapies combined in one complete service.

Our unique protocol combining these technologies, give truly noticeable results!

Is the procedure uncomfortable?  We do numb for nearly 45 minutes with an occlusive dressing to help facilitate comfort.  If you feel you need additional pain control, please speak to your attending physician and please get a legal RX and allow for a driver.  We do our best to manage the discomfort. 

Face, and body applications can be combined in service packages.

Great for stretch Marks, loose skin, discolorations, scars to name just a few!

Are you ready for New Skin appearance that is both radiant and youthful?

Book your apt today.

*One Session of face or neck is $675 rf,

Reg, $575

*Full face includes lower eye area and upper lip to reduce wrinkles.

* Choice of Upper, lower lid, and lip as zones $350 per zone.

*$450 For Jowls

*Package of 3 $1500, prepaid exclusive

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