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Gradient color


OMBRE' Eyebrows (r)

This service and trademarked is performed exclusively by the Glamour Co.

any use of this name for any service without our written consent is strictly prohibited, all rights reserved site is owned by Pamela Abshear and Robin Wood attorney at law.

Ombre' Eyebrows are a very beautiful in their modern appearance. They are unique in the fact that they transition slowly into a richer and deeper gradiant color.

Traditionally this service is done with lighter front tattooing near fronts of eyebrows and slowly fade into a darker color, but tops can fade towards the bottoms also.

Correction of old work with new Ombre' Brows (r)

Design and color is customized per each client request, making it truly exclusively yours. Our work is exact and methodical as we layer the colors to blend. It is perfect for those wanting the most natural transition from the front brows towards the center and tails. 

For the most pleasing results, it is recommended the clients draw on the shape they prefer and bring in cosmetic pencils, so we can customize color and shape.

It is important to note, Ombre' is meant to be a subtle transition and great for those who are missing sections of hair, but desire a more groomed and polished look.

Prices Start at $850.00 respectively and do not include touch ups.​

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