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           Hypno Healing Solutions

    Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist


Pamela Abshear CCHT CPDA LE

The future is Hypnosis

Hypnosis with its long standing history in the last century has shown us to the level of acceptance it has gained in so many arenas, from mental health, spiritual issues ( Spirit Release) and physical pain and suffering,

Hypnosis can address it all on a profound deepr level that is rooted in true behavior and physiological change by unleashing the power of the mind. Scientist tell us that the subconscious mind runs nearly 95-99% of our waking mind, It is like a background running program that is very

much like our computers to which we have the ability to reprogram, reshape and reframe to meet new goals now.

While addressing and exploring the statistics of hypnosis, this would include in depth usages, this has helped open society's and medical professionals acceptance and acknowledgment to the variety of forms that it can take in helping others release, unblock areas of the mind that we were not privy to, thereby providing the balance and and ultimately healing.

Hypnosis has been an unfurled mystery, as a unlocking key to humanity, as it propels the possibility of higher functioning that we can apply to all aspects of our lives. Its like the magic bullet to those willing to embrace it, key is embrace, as we have to acknowledge the importance of the believability/faith factor. Its the faith factor that open the realms of manifestations to the answers we are looking for, needing......the faith factor is final frontier after hypnosis. Its' the faith that centers us and gives us a hope and a belief for a better future in the many tomorrows we have. With that said, and its all encompassing purposes, Its place in modern health, mental health, spiritual awakening/release and personal development is without a question, and should be carefully explored and considered.

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