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The Procedure of Dermal implants

The installation procedure is done using a post-like implant that is sterile, area in prepped and numbed for around 45 minutes for client comfort, performed in a medical setting, were an incision is made and jewelry is placed into tissue of skin, thus placed flush to skin.

 . The implants used for this are generally small and in stainless or surgical steel.

We offer a wide assortment of jewels to choose from.


Dermal implants are a more desirable alternative to surface ear or other body piercings, as they provide less scarring when removed. They are semi-permanent and can be removed with the assistance of a professional, they can last for several years if properly taken care of.

Our dermal implants are installed by an experienced provider of several decades experience in a very clean medical setting.

Aftercare instructions are provided

One jewel installation is $199.00, two for $250

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