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This procedure means freedom on so many levels....thou this is not a new service to the paramedical tattooing world, it is often a procedure that is not widely known of by the lay (average) person. It does how ever allow for a more normalized appearance which equals less anxiety in public and in private, and......for some this is huge!

Camouflage tattooing can be the perfect solution to gently blend out an area of concern were disease, or perhaps a elective surgery has left its mark of demarcation of the skin. A real must for face lift scars, after all, why pay and invest so much into that type of procedure to enhance your looks, and you are left with big white scars that give you away!

It is important to understand the goal of this highly specialized art, that not only requires in depth training, but a very artistic eye to blend in the subtle nuances that mimic natural skin. Multiple applications may indeed be required to layer these anomalies in the skin that give the illusion of the "real deal" that fool's the eye. Camouflage will never at anytime replace or be as amazing as the original skin before damage has occurred and rearrange the natural composition, however all we can do is make this area appear more normalized/blended. 

Here at the Glamour co. we have been proudly offering this services to the medical community and its patients for over 20 years. No scar is to small or large to be treated, and your concerns is ours.

We customize all colors and shapes based on a individual bases, and prices will very do to the nature of the area to be treated. Whether it is on your body or scalp/hairline we can make the magic happen, YES WE CAN!





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