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Collagen Rejuvenation Therapy


CRT, Is the ultimate in anti aging therapies, that can be used anywhere on the body, especially the face!.

This exclusive service is provided by The Glamour co. as we hold the trademark to this unique protocol and name sake.

Let us take your skin this advanced therapy for the ultimate skin rejuvenation that is most effective for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, pock/acne marks, atrophic and keloid scarring. Did we also mention its skin tightening properties?

CRT tm. works on the principle of creating a superficial injury that works in conjunction with your body's on reaction to heal itself as the firbroblasts fire off to produce new collagen and elastin which equals=

new skin.

Unlike lasers that can evaporate the upper layer of the skin, known and the epidermis, with the possibility of scarring, this exclusive leaves the skin in tact. Little to no down time when done properly and completely safe. Key is proper training, non use of dermal rollers as well as strict protocols. The end result speaks for itself in the overall health and glow of the tissue.





Hand Rejuvenation Therapy (tm.)

Neck Rejuvenation Therapy (tm.)

Eye Rejuvenation Therapy (tm.)

Names and procedures/protocols are exclusively owned by the GLAMOUR co.

Any unauthorized use of this procedure and namesake is strictly forbidden unless Franchise has been sold by us directly and thru our ATTORNEY ROBIN MONTES. 

Please click link below to enter site to learn more about this amazing procedures.

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