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Desclaimer: Results will vary in all permanent cosmetic applications. Old, preexisting work may need extra applications to hide any discolorations or symmetry issues. Old work is a challenge to hide and presents issues. If you have the need for corrections when coming in, please be advised of this. 

If you have seen other's work via Youtube, keep in mind, all artist practice differently. Youtube is NOT a standard for the tattooing industry or for clientele, nor do we necessarily practice the way others do, all artist employ different methods. We measure our own way and map in accordance to what we feel comfortable with as the practicing artist. Keep this in mind during your appointment.

Coupons accepted based on face value, please note these do not include touch ups. If you would like a touch up included you will have to pay our regular fees. 

All our artists are highly experienced and talented, communication between artist and staff is essential to build a comfortable rapport and to meet clients needs. If you are uncomfortable in communications with our staff, do the best you can to let us know during your appointment. However, it is our goal to meet your needs as best we can and every opportunity is afforded to do so between artists/management and staff before, during and after appointment procedure.

Please be on time, this allows optimum time for your appointment, if you are late, we may have to reschedule, as it may slide into another person's appointment time which is unfair to them. Cancellations without a 24 hour notice will result in a $25 dollar cancellation fee. This also includes online discount companies. Please have your style of brows ready before your appointment...and use our website as your point of reference, typically we do not have a look book on us in our office that is a hard copy. We find these have a tendency to come up missing in our lobby. If need be we can pull our site up for you on your smart phone device, or ours. Please get committed to your brow look before your arrival to lessen your anxiety. If applying your brows yourself, in the shape you like, please alcohol cleanse the area before applying your pencil.It is important to note that you are paying for one appointment time and not two, our services do not come with free touch ups, especially at steeply discounted prices or coupon specials. This is regardless of discount companies or other clients. If you want your touch up included, we will charge the "normal" prices found on our website. If you desire more work to be done to achieve a desired look, more color...or reshape, there is a touch up fee. If you are unhappy about the color loss, you will need a second appointment which can be scheduled 4 to 6 weeks after initial appointment. Touch ups are 99$All appointments are 1 hour in length unless otherwise specified by us. We typically book on the hour and are very careful with our time management and respectful of all appointments, since we work as a team, we feel this is adequate. We determine each appointment length by the appointment request and have set a predetermined amount of time we think is needed, as professionals to perform a service, not what a client determines. Clients that run over their time allotment due to extra demands will have to be rescheduled. There is no reason for a session to run into extra hours. A session is a hour only unless we inform otherwise. It is not fair to make other clients wait when they are on time. It is not also reasonable for the client to tell us how to perform our services as professionals and the time they feel is owed to them. All appointments are a hour unless deemed by us. WE DO NOT RUSH APPOINTMENTS BECAUSE THERE IS SOMEONE IN OUR BUSY OFFICE WE SHARE WITH A DOCTOR, IT IS A WAITING ROOM FOR A REASON, DO NOT GET OFFENDED, IT IS A BUSINESS. OUR APPOINTMENT TIME WITH YOU IS SPECIAL, ITS ALL ABOUT YOU.Cleaning up after your appointment is not a sign of us being rushed or you being rushed. We are dealing with bloodborne pathogens and are concerned with cleaning and disinfection of our clinic area, as we are located in a Doctors office and we do not want to spread disease. This is a major priority, cleanliness and prompt detailing is our protocol. ALL OUR PRODUCTS USE TO GENERATE A TATTOO ARE DISPOSABLE AND ONE AND DONE, WE USE HOSPITAL GRADE CLEANERS FOR ALL HOUSE KEEPING AND CLEANING OF OUR ROOMS.Filming and photo taking of our appointments by clients or their friends and family are not allowed under any circumstances. Please do not disrupt our service time to ask us to post/film for your personal social media...etc. This is not appropriate for our office and takes away from our creativity and energy flow. Your appointment time is about your service.Friends and other family members are not allowed in our treatment room while our services is being rendered per our physician request to keep it professional.Please wear comfortable clothing, please note ink can stain clothes, and we are not responsible for this if it should happen. Know we are sorry if this should be the case and we are letting you know to be responsible in planning your appointment. Please do not wear white.Please no high heels, wear comfy shoes.Please make childcare arrangements as we are in a medical office and do not provide for little ones an atmosphere that meets their needs, but ones that are tailored for our professional services.All appointments are one hour in length, unless otherwise noted by us at the time of appointment setting. With 20 years experience, one hour is more than enough time without rushing for any permanent makeup service rendered by us, the actual tattooing time is around 5 to 25 minutes. We have very precise protocols to perform this art that are extremely streamed line with excellent outcomes. We never rush a service, but we don't need 2 hours to perform this art....literally, it is a very short amount of time to accomplish the most amazing effects! This is only what a seasoned and experienced artist can deliver. Its expertise and artistry that allows us to be this effiencient.We customize blending all ink, because of this, it will be exclusively yours and the color results will vary. Your ink color and skin tone is unique to you, other clientele pics will not reflect this outcome and it is unique to them also.We allow for proper mirror examination of service. If you feel you need glasses, it is important to note it is your responsibility to see the finished product and to provide them for your viewing. Lack of them is not our responsibility. Once you leave the service and decide you wanted more, or need a extra dot here or there, it is a extra fee. It is not appropriate to go home and pick apart the work and decide you should have had more work done and then blame us. WE ALWAYS COMPLETE THE SERVICE DURING THE APPOINTMENT TIME AND END AT YOUR APPROVAL. More work is a elected choice by you the consumer and fees will be charged. Remember if dont want to pay, that is ok, you can supplement with your normal cosmetics and it takes a quick dash to do so, litterally a second.If you feel you need pain management, please speak to your primary care physician before your appointment and have someone drive/pick you up. You are responsible for declaring this to us and making your own post treatment arrangements. Please let us know if you need a dental block for lips or other injectable anesthetics, our on site M.D. will provide this at a additional fee of $75.00.Understand this is not a spa service, this is a clinical service/procedure please wear comfortable clothes, again no high heels. We practice OSHA standards and because of this we do not have pillows and blankets. If you feel you need one, please feel free to bring your own, as we cannot provide them due to the blood borne pathogen issue and breaking the OSHA/ADOSH laws. Please bring in favorite colors (makeup), as the visual is all we need to communicate your likes as we customize all ink applications.Have your eyebrows shaped, tweezed, waxed and shaped to your desired look. This helps communicate your style and how we are to tattoo your service.Please have your eyebrows/eye liner/lips drawn in as you are communicating your "look" to us, and we are getting a visual of your vision of beauty. 90% of our work is visually communicated, the rest is requests.Please bring in photos if it helps to communicate your vision.Please note after drawing on your shape and bringing in your colors or takes only a few moments to consult. Lets not over complicate things, since we are professionals at this, most of this is visual communication and some note taking of your desires. Please note that some swelling is normal, and usually more so for eyes and lips, so plan your schedule accordingly if you are concerned. Swelling can last a few hours or a day. Typically with some eyebrows there is little to no swelling/redness. Blood flow to the area can cause color to appear darker or thicker. Its important that we try to be conservative and not over correct a area as it could cause issues in the healing. You are responsible for aftercare and post treatment instruction followup on this site, that we refer to after the procedure is completed. You are responsible for all touch up fees if needed or more requested work. This is never included in your discounted online coupons. We do not guarantee how a procedure will heal. We simply cannot predict how the body will heal and some pigment loss is normal. Please note that pigment loss can result in the healing process, it can make your tattooing appear uneven, this is not our fault, nor can be predicted. It does not reflect the quality of our work. If you have a problem with the symmetry, or your look, we will assist you as needed with your approval.Consultations are done on the phone prior to booking, or within the actual one hour treatment appointment time. Its pretty simple....if you have a look you are already committed too, we just tattoo it. It does not take a hour to discuss your look, it only requires a few moments. Please note this is per our experience in tattooing, you mus trust that we can do our job. Remember 90% percent is visual, the rest is requests, and we mirror that information back to you.Yes we are very professional, but you are the professional on your vision of beauty, it is our job to facilitate your "look". Us asking you questions, is cause we are trying to meet your needs, not cause we are not intelligent. We prefer not to guess.All paperwork will be filled out correctly before services are rendered, this includes taking of before and after pics. All paperwork and photos are our sole property.We have a after service form that is the finalization of a completed service performed to your satisfaction during your appointment time, all other work after the appointment time is considered separate and not included in first fees or coupons. All other work after initial application is considered touch ups and are subject to fees. By signing our service completion form you have acknowledged we have performed your service to your satisfaction during your appointment time. Refuting this form after signing, is considered a breach in our service contract and client will be discharged. We do not think it is fair to us, for a client to sign they were happy with their appointment time and their service, then weeks or months later decide they were not. We expect our clients to read the aftercare on this site, texting us for this information is not necessary as everything is answered here on this site. We cannot guarantee colors as they heal, so we do not. If the color is to dark, light, warm or to cool, you as the consumer if you desire a change must make a appointment and there is a fee for this as it is not included in the initial cost or coupon companies. Again we are not responsible for how the color heals nor can we predict it. These fees are considered touch ups and are typically $125-$300. We employ a no refund policy. Work done by another artist are not touch ups, they are reworks and often much more harder to do, they do not have touch up pricing, but is considered a new service, please see our policies on this site.Payment is required prior to services rendered.You are responsible for paying your touch fee. The touch ups are not included in our pricing, or online specials. Touch ups are never free, and never included in our procedures unless you are paying the full price on this site, this is not the sale or special price. If you have color loss, that is a natural part of the procedure and does not mean we did not do are work correctly, it simply means to achieve a desired look, a touch up may or may not be required. You can supplement with your cosmetics until you make another appointment, if you choose to do so. Note that color loss can yield uneveness in color and symmetry.Touch ups maybe required to achieve desired results. Per our record about one in 10/12 clients need a touch up. Please see touch up policies. 

Be a informed consumer

to empower yourself.

Our touch ups are $125 per site area

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