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Natural Stroke Eyebrows (tm) Hyper realism brows (tm)

"It's the Natural Choice"

The NATURAL STROKE tm. is a great look for the soft appearance that is somewhat between a hair stroke and light feathery powder blending, that lends to a natural appearance.

The fresh and modern approach to gorgeous eyebrows has arrived.

We pioneered it...this technique is like no other. 

The natural stroke is excellent for

covering older work and refreshing

the area for a amazing modern look.

Actual client done by us. Results will vary and depend on the type of requested shape and color, and prior existing work, if any. 

We do not use stock photos, or retouch, this is our actual work, note most contemporary artists use stock photos harvested from the net , so consumers be aware of this.

We are very proud to deliver artistry that in unparallelled in the industry.   

Clients old work.

Clients new work.

Do not be fooled by poor imitations of people who say they can deliver this look, as they lure you in and you still come out after the appointment looking like a sharpie!



Before is above, After below

This technique was created by a actual artist with over 20 years experience, accept no less than this. We customize all color and shape based on your vision of beauty and requests. No two brows done by us is alike. The shape and the color is uniquely yours....

The Natural Stroke (tm) can only be found at the Glamour co, as we have pioneered the technique and hold the trade mark, we can deliver your standard.

Let us design a custom color and shape that is made just for you...or you can come in with yours already done, and we will just facilitate your vision of beauty. Get it your way!

Gone are the days of just one set or harsh sharpie brows, you have lots of choices of stylized brows that are just as personalized and unique as your face!.......find the look, here only at the GLAMOUR CO!

STARTING AT $675.00*

 Layered multiple colors for

3D/HD Brow (tm) effect are $99 per color extra.


These pics are copyrighted and exclusive to the Glamour co. any unauthorized reproduction is strictly prohibited as it violates are trademark of


Immediately after treatment

Before clients old blocky drawn on brows

to amazing Natural Stroke (tm)

Client missing front area about a inch and a half of no hair,

Mapped area to show new placement with the Natural Stroke (tm) technique.

Wow.....Can you tell its tattooed?

Results will very, due to client requests of custom shape, color etc.

Are you lover READY yet???

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