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TriActive Cellulite Treatments and facial rejuvenation

TriActive is the first clinically proving medical device and FDA approved, to treat cellulite reaching a depth of penetration to the skin where optimum results can be obtained.

TriActive combats your cellulite and reduces fat deposits, which results in smoother sexier skin, a more beautiful contoured you!

It combines a diode laser, plus tissue mobilization and suction to safely and effectively re-contour the skins surface and shrink fat cells by releasing all those dirty toxins.....for your beauty and your health!

Each contour session takes approx. 30 to 45 minutes for a full body
and great results can be seen as the course of treatment progress, often taking between 6-8 weeks.  Of course multiple sessions are therapeutic and recommended for the best results, as results will vary.  Our laser facial treatments are 20 to 30 minute sessions and can be combined with a traditional facial treatment for 55 minutes session.

The GLAMOUR CO.  TriActive Laser Dermology System has many applications as it smoothes and tightens cellulite, increases microcirculation, and it can also refresh your sagging facial tissue resulting in a radiant glow, our exclusive laser facials are one of a kind for a new better younger you! 

Please ask us about our low priced packages.
One Treatment $395
package of 4 is $975.00

Q: How will the TriActive Therapeutic Massage laser smooth and tighten my skin, can it be slimming?

A: The body contouring and laser facial done with the TriActive system. works by deep mechanical massaging action coupled with laser technology that is applied to the tissue below your skin that may result in a tighter appearance in the treated areas by smoothing and releasing fat and toxins that create cellulite and laxity.  One of the benefits of the body contouring is natural weight loss as the fluids are being released from the fat during and after the procedure and released into the lymphatic system.

The body contouring and laser facial is the perfect pair up for your special occasions that require you to look your best refreshed and glowing!

Q:What parts of the body can be treated?

A:  Besides the thighs and buttocks for cellulite, most other parts of the body can be treated as well: the face for tightening; the love-handles, tummy, upper arms and neck. This procedure provides noticeable results before and after liposuction and after aesthetic surgery, such as breast augmentation, abdominoplasty, and others.

Q:Is the TriActive painful?
The above TriActive application procedures described are not painful and not even as strenuous as a traditional massage. Most individuals report that  “just feels great!”

Q: How long does procedure take?

A: The TriActive procedure is typically done in a series of about 5-10 to 15 minute treatments to a given specific area or full body in about 30 to 45 minutes. These can be spaced as closely as 3 times per week, or as far out as once per week.

Q: How soon will I notice effects from the treatments?
Your individual results can depend on several factors:
- the area(s) being treated
- whether the treatment is being combined with a liposuction procedure
- if you have combined treatment with diet and/or exercise
- your age and general condition
- the number of treatments

Q:  How often can I have a complete series of TriActive treatments?

A: Normally, the series can be done annually with follow-up monthly maintenance treatments. If you have experienced weight reduction, a change in your body fat composition (and need additional tightening) or are having other areas of your body treated, you may want to consider a mini-series of treatments.

Q:  How can TriActive complement my liposuction procedure?

A:  Because liposuction is a surgical procedure, normal results include fluid retention (edema) and slackening of the skin. The TriActive treatment is recommended after surgery to accelerate the tightening of the area. Treatment prior to surgery may also have added benefits. Consult with your surgeon for what is right for you.