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By learning how to shape eyebrows you can drastically increase your appearance. Both men and women alike can benefit from flawlessly groomed brows.  Learning how to shape eyebrows can be somewhat of a daunting task in the beginning. If you are looking for well-defined and shaped brows then you have come to the right site, as the GLAMOUR CO ...can HOOK YOU UP! so.... even with beauty, knowledge is power! You will be able to find many resources here from tutorials teaching you the basics, as well as walk through guides to show you how to use simple and the best beauty enhancing tools out there to make the magic happen!

So, take a good and close look at the shape of your eyebrows and from there (be realistic) work to enhance what you have. You can use an eyebrow pencil to make thin eyebrows look fuller, or use a soft powder.  Either way, experiment before the commitment of waxing or tweezing.

  • Where To Start.

Decide where your eyebrows should start by drawing an imaginary straight line, starting from the outer sides of your nostril to the center of your brow. Grab a ruler! It helps… 

  • It’s all in the Arch.
For beginners, place your trusty ruler at the tip of your nose as the reference. Rotate the ruler so it goes directly across the center of your pupil and follow the section of your brow where the ruler crosses. This section should be the highest point of the arch. 
  • Where To End?
Now that you have decided where the eyebrow should start and where the arch should be, you must also determine where it ends. Using your ruler and place its tip at the outer edge of your nose to the outside corner of the eye. This is the ideal place where the eyebrow should end. 

As you can see, there are so many shapes and sizes, and so little time.  However, if you do decide to change in a drastic way, it is recommended that you play with the shape for several weeks before really diving in with the waxing and tweezing.
  • To Trim or Not to Trim?
Pluck or trim your brows only when necessary. How can you tell when need to trim your brows?First, brush your eyebrows up straight and see if there are longer hairs coming out of the natural shape of the brows on top. These stray hairs ought to be removed through trimming and not plucking.
  • Be Consistent.
Upkeep is the last tip to having well defined and beauty-boosting eyebrows. Exerting extra effort for prepping your brows would simply go to waste if you do not maintain it. Thus, regularly check your brows and see what has grown and what needs to be removed. a little, conservative when you do decide to grab the tweezers!


Penciled looks will be much more dramatic, then shaping softly with powders and a fine angled brush. 

 Brunettes can go their hair color or two shades lighter.

Blondes can go their root shade or two shades darker.

Red heads, try a nice soft redbrown.

Gray can go taupe and be very lovely.

Stencils are a great help/guide also, works well
with both pencils and powders!  Its great for quick 
fixes and time management.