THE GLAMOUR CO. -                                  Always Beautiful tm.

   Pamela Abshear  our lead tattooist and Licensed Aesthetician that is passionate about the craft of skin!  Having a artistic background and a love for creativity, coupled with being a Aesthetician, she has brought to her services a knowledge/talent base unmatched for over 20 years.

  She brings her artistry that is met with experience.

  She has been personally trained and mentored by Susan Church, who is considered the “world's expert in the field” of permanent cosmetics/medical tattooing, and by Susan's own admission her protege' peer and dear friend.

Great minds think alike!

Mrs. Church is the Pioneer of Skin needlingtm in the western Hemisphere, and has trade marked the name. Mrs Susan Church is also one of the co' founders of the SPCP, and has been setting and raising the standards for the permanent makeup industry as we know it. 

Pamela is educated in various areas of tattooing; Traditional body art with the use of coil machines in the genre of color and black and white/color works, Ancient hand tool methods, as well at Rotary devices,  Paramedical procedures, and is a esteemed artist for the Mesa tattoo convention for over a decade.

   She strives to move with excellence thru her teaching and continuing education programs. Pamela is former SPCP trainer member of nearly a decade, but has moved on to start her own organization, the League of Permanent Cosmetic, ( as well as the Institute of Dermal Art Technologies.

These organizations pride themselves on raising the standards of the Dermal Arts Industry tm.  Come experience the difference
the spirit of excellence!