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Fighting the Good Fight!

Sometimes it's great a good skin care regime, sometimes its a superb plastic surgeon.  What can YOU do to turn back the clock?.....ALOT!  

All skin has some damage, but its to the degree, and then becomes a individual issue.  We will first talk about getting the life back into it, lets peel!....

Exfoliation, whether mechanical or chemical is key to shed away and reveal new skin, regenerate and activate those cells that produce the collagen and elastin.  Chemical services like peels for the face, help break down the dead skin, and then renew and reveal the texture.  Different peels have different effects on the skin, some are light and superficial, while other require a little more down time.  The plus of those heavy ones, some great dramatic results.

So you've exfoliated, now you got to replenish with some loving serums....they nurture the skin, fight with antioxidants while restoring moisture.  

How often should you exfoliate?  You should exfoliate lightly every couple of days with a brush for the face...Clarisonic a must!...and do chemical services once to twice a month, deep peels several times a year to maintain a fresh glow.

My recomendations.....DMAE/MSM  serums (dermalarts)to tighten skin, giving it a youthful firmness, while lightening gently the age spots.  Bonus..great moisture from this serum, also Hyaluronic acid gives another boost!...It will have you covered so your skin can recover.

Vitamin C serums work magic too, makes the skin glow.....use several times a week for the best results, especially at night when it can just soak in a fresh and clean face.  Dont forget your satin pillow!

 Remember to protect your skin, SPF is a must.  Find one in a good moisturizer that is not to heavy, avoid eye areas as they can be sensitive.  Get extra protection also from foundations and powders, layering is nice, but don't go over board and get cakey.  Dewey is nice...a thick mask is not. 

Another great tip, try skin needling/collagen induction therapy/collagen rejuvenation therapy! Please go to link provided to learn more about this amazing procedure!..Most impressive with outstanding results